pizza2Nether Edge Pizza Company can provides premium quality Wood Fired Pizzas. Our oven operates at a staggering 500 degrees, cooking pizzas in just 90 seconds, we can make over 100 pizzas an hour. These temperatures give our pizzas a delicious crisp texture and unique flavor, only achievable when you cook at such high tempratures. We use the best, authentic ingredients available and aim to provide high quality food at a reasonable cost.

“The best Pizza I have had, ever!”

Marietta, Sheffield.

Nether Edge Pizza Company is committed to providing a high quality catering service. We specialize in private events such as weddings, house warmings and private parties. We like to work closely with our clients and provide a bespoke service were required. We also like nothing more than a good festival or street food market.

Fast and Fresh

Who doesn’t like to see their food being prepared and cooked infront of their very eyes! Its great to see our customers amazement as their pizza is slid into the oven and takes just 90 seconds to cook!

There is more to this job than cooking delicious hand made pizzas! Its theatrical, lively, our guests are entertained from the word go! Based in Sheffield we took inspiration from the forge workers here in the steel city. We wear braces, flat caps, shirts and cravates (well maybe not the cravates). Cooking is noisy, dramatic, theatrical and exciting! We always draw a semi circle of watchers at events, even after they have eaten. It’s a great spectacle.

We are a family run business and use only trained pizza chefs to work with us. Melvin our head chef also works in Jamie Olivers kitchen in Yorkshire. We will always be polite, courteous and efficient whatever the event. We will do anything to ensure the customer is happy and the event a success.

We grow as much of our ingredients as possible on our two allotments, concentrating on garlic and oregano. If we cant grow we buy local and organic if possible. We use recycled, compostable paper plates which we compost and use as fertilizer for our crops, although as we grow this is becoming more difficult!

“Wood Fired Heaven”